Michael Rasky


This is a rave review for realtor extraordinaire, Sonya Coke. My father had recently passed away and my siblings and I needed to sell the home we all grew up in. She was so sensitive to our loss and really helped us navigate the selling process. The home needed the love of a new owner but with some inspired suggestions, we were able to make the home more appealing to potential buyers. Then there was her marketing expertise. She showed us all the comparable property listings and made some suggestions about what we should list it for. When I say suggestions, that is what they were. She encouraged us to share our thoughts and work together. She interviewed us to hear stories of our childhood and weaved them into the verbiage buyers would read. The photos she had taken of the property and they generated many interested parties. She even threw in a vintage photo of my parents in front of the house. As a result of her hard work, we had 36 offers on the property. This sounds amazing and it was but it was also a bit overwhelming. Sonya guided us with spreadsheets so we could compare and contrast officers and gave her feedback on the best potential buyers. There were some twists and turns in the transaction but Sonya was on it and kept us all informed. I really get that she enjoys this line of work and she does it very well. My parents’ home was modest in size and price and she did not cut a corner or skip a step. I feel so fortunate to have her as my realtor.

Angela Roa


Whenever I think of Sonya, the first feeling that comes to mind is “forever grateful”. Selling our house and closing this important chapter of our lives in Los Angeles was not an easy decision to make and process to undertake. Thanks to her, we got through this huge adventure. Always graceful, patient, empathetic and available, Sonya was there with us every single step during moments of stress, tension, tears and laughter, an experience that meant much to us. Thanks to Sonya’s expertise and caring support, the house sold in the blink of an eye and for the right value. It is still crystal clear to me that no one else could have done such an amazing job. Sonya is the best!

Gordana & Rob


I have worked with Sonya in buying and selling our houses. She navigated our negotiating and escrow with ease and precision. She is patient, thorough, communicative, and prompt. In an industry marred by unscrupulous, unethical realtors Sonya is a breath of fresh air. We appreciate her calm demeanor and direct approach.

B.K. Smith


WOW! Having purchased a home before but in a different state, the process was not at all foreign to me. However, what was foreign were the ins and outs of the home buying process in Los Angeles, California. I’m thankful that I was connected with an outstanding agent who not only listened to my wants and needs in my home search but also reeled me in when I strayed away from that list and, most importantly, my budget. Ms. Sonya Coke was an exceptional agent. She took her time to research various listings before sending them to me and, most importantly, as someone new to Los Angeles, she was upfront and honest about the neighborhood and the property. She was concerned about my bottom line not pushing to sell a home for her commission. Purchasing a home in Los Angeles is a huge investment and it is very important that you have someone available to guide you through the process as not to get stressed out or feel overwhelmed. I’ll admit, I’ve watched the home buying process on TV and thought, that looks extremely easy but what you see on TV is not reality–I know that now thanks to Sonya. There are so many “extras” to consider and Sonya was always willing and able to walk me through those “extras” making a complicated process, much simpler. She was and is not just an agent, she’s a friend and I could not have wished for a better friend to help me through the home buying process.