A nod to modernism in a fantastic 50s Silver Lake residence

Grounded in simplicity and light, Grasie Mercedes and Damien Fahey’s 1950s home opens to a superb open-plan living, kitchen, and dining area, where large windows let in an abundance of natural light while catching glimpses of leafy treetops and neighborhood life.

As their home hits the market, they share their journey in homeownership and what it’s been like to live in their three-bedroom, with one full and two three-quarter bath home positioned near everything we love in Silver Lake.

The living room of the Modern Home in Silverlake CA
The dining area with outside view
The kitchen basin and view of the outside

Grasie, a writer, filmmaker, and actress who just booked her first series regular role on NBC’s Grand Crew, and Damien, a former MTV VJ and writer for Family Guy, remember renting a beautiful duplex in Silver Lake.

Grasie: “We thought we were gonna stay there for a while, and within the first eight months, the landlord said he was selling.” 

Damien: “He sold it to two brothers from Portland, and they both wanted to occupy the units, so we and the downstairs neighbors were bought out. We had until the end of our lease plus a couple of months to find a place to live.” 

Grasie: “We were looking for a house for eight months. We put in a ton of offers and kept getting bid out by cash offers. And then this house came up. It was flipped, but it was an ugly flip: fake wood floors, the tile in every bathroom was different, and the kitchen had this weird silvery backsplash … it was just a mess and really all over the place.

The kitchen and dining area
The dining place of the Modern Home in Silverlake CA

“The crazy thing is if we had seen this house early on in our search, we would’ve been like, ‘eh, no, let’s get outta here.’ But after eight months of searching, we said, ‘Wait a second, this house has everything we want. It’s in a walkable area, has a beautiful yard, three bedrooms, and a big kitchen, but it’s just ugly on the surface.”

They put their best offer forward and got the house. Before they moved in, they installed new hardwood floors, remodeled the bathrooms, and swapped out the mismatched surfaces, including the weird silvery backsplash in the kitchen. Closet doors were changed, and one of the bedrooms was turned into a custom walk-in closet with enough room to hang your rare vintage finds, Nili Lotan pieces, and ample shelving for your Gucci heels. They got a bunch of great furniture and moved in.

Cloth wardrobe and shoes
Drums, guitar and table
Bedroom of the Modern Home in Silverlake CA

What’s your favorite space in the house?

Grasie: “I love the yard. I love my closet/office.… We did Thanksgiving at our place four years in a row with 10-12 people. It’s nice to have an open floor plan because you can cook and prep, and people are in the living room and sitting in the dining area — like one giant space. So, you never feel like you’re away from the action.”

Damien: “I love the kitchen connecting to the living room/TV area. When the sun starts going down, I open the windows, sit on the couch, and read. The breeze comes through … it’s just really nice and relaxing. And then, of course, the outdoor area is awesome, especially for Charlie, our dog.”

How did you adjust to working from home during Covid? 

Grasie:” I’m an actor, so I kinda ‘work from home’ if I’m not auditioning or shooting. I had to get used to self-taping and turned our guest room into a self-tape room where I constantly had a ring light up and a tripod. We have a great wall in there, so there’s a really nice background.”

Side yard small dining area
Backyard sitting place
Modern Home in Silverlake CA

Grasie: “ was a lifesaver during Covid to have an outdoor space to feel like you weren’t stuck at home and be outside and eat out here.

“When summer hit and the numbers were lower, and people started to hang out, we hosted people in our back yard a bunch; we had a campfire, and one night we put up a projector and had a movie night.”

Damien: “It was a big change working from home. But we bought a home with a great layout and a good pocket. It’s so close to everything: a natural wine shop that just went in, a hair salon, and a bagel shop.”

At the end of their block, there’s Psychic Wines, Maury’s, and The Harbor Salon. And you’re not too far from the Silver Lake Reservoir and Sunset Junction.

Located at 2815 Bellevue Ave, the home also has an attached garage with additional storage space. The asking price is $1,250,000.

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