Lease Creative Commercial Space in Silver Lake

This kind of lease rarely hits the market. It’s a unique creative space on a desirable block in the heart of Virgil Village in Silver Lake. Filled with natural light, this former recording studio currently lends itself to private events (like that dinner party you’ve been thinking of hosting for 21 of your closest friends and family), dance rehearsals, and short-term TV and film production needs. 

The interior is separated into two distinct areas. The first is a reception space with a single-line kitchen, bathroom, loft area, and Togo-style sofas arranged to define a lounge area with a projection screen.

The second area is an open space with high ceilings, making it versatile for fashion shoots, yoga classes, or an art gallery where large windows look out on a cozy outdoor patio. The current tenant is a choreographer, movement, and creative director. She initially started a dance rental and studio space for emerging artists. Since then, she shares, “We’ve done a hybrid of events, anywhere from a private engagement party to a dance showcase or a dinner party/ dining experience. We’ve also hosted our events that almost always involve dance in some capacity and highlighting emerging artists.”

Moments away from local favorites like Vinovore, Courage Bagels, and Be U, the current tenant says, “The walkability of Virgil Village into Sunset Junction is unique for Los Angeles. I now have a unique experience of being able to walk to get flowers or coffee; it just feels novel. I love that. It doesn’t feel like Los Angeles. It feels like Berlin or New York.” The list price is $4,500 per month.

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