J.J. Mulvihill Residence and Lyle Design Studio in Sierra Madre seeks $1.6M

Two residences in the Sierra Madre are sited on a generous, hillside lot with one aptly described “Like an ocean liner poised on a promontory.”

The J.J. Mulvihill Residence was built in 1949 by architect Harwell Hamilton Harris (a Richard Neutra apprentice.) Harris developed his architectural style that “is characterized by a careful use of materials and clean, fluid spaces.” Unlike the three-storied Mary and Lee Blair Residence and Studio, Harris designed that mimics the levels of the hillside it rests on, the Mulvihill residence juts up and across in a powerful horizontal form against its mountainous backdrop. The 2,000-square-foot, three-level home celebrates Harris’ multivalent approach to architecture and features a prow of glass, grey-green painted redwood, and red brick.

Constructed in 1986, the two-story John T. Lyle design studio is located off to the side. At first glance, the studio’s sharp roof angles and seemingly random custom windows of all shapes and sizes appear to clash with Harris’ calm, boxy volume above. Yet, it somehow blends with Harris’s design and the surrounding landscape.

Listed by Matthew Berkley, Scott Lander, and Barbara Lamprecht, the property located at 580 N Hermosa Ave seeks $1.590M.

The living room and fireplace of J.J. Mulvihill Residence by architect Harwell Hamilton Harris
The dining place and an outside view
The bedroom and an outside view
Bookshelf and sitting corner
J.J. Mulvihill Residence by architect Harwell Hamilton Harris
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